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We will not be having any services at the church indefinitely.

Our Worship

We believe in God-centered worship. As we gather on the day which God has set apart for worship, we come together to give Him the glory that is due His name. We should not come together primarily to feel better or to be entertained but to honor and please God.

We are not a ‘seeker-sensitive’ church. Our primary desire is not to accommodate our worship to what pleases men, but to be sensitive to what kind of worship pleases God. But what kind of worship pleases Him? Does it really matter how He is worshipped, as long as He is worshipped? We believe that it does matter, especially to God. God has not left us to our own imaginations or devices, but He has told us in His Word how he is to be worshipped. The Bible prescribes for us, not only the proper attitude of worship, but also the basic elements of worship, which are these: the reading and preaching of Scripture, prayer and praise. We believe in the primacy of preaching because it is through the reading, exposition and application of the Bible that God makes His mind and will known to his people.


We also sing the great and rich hymns of the faith because their content is thoroughly biblical, doctrinally sound and honoring to the Lord. At first they may be more difficult to sing than the modern ‘praise-songs’, but once learned they are far more spiritually rewarding and God-exalting.

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